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    Quick details:
    Place of origin: Yangzhou,China(Mainland)
    Brand name:HEZI

    Model Number: YJV
    Voltage grade: 0.6/1 kV
    Conductor Material: Annealed copper conductor
    The highest continuous operating temperature of the conductor is 90℃
    Insulation: Cross-linked polyethylene
    Sheath: PVC
    Standard: GB/ 12706 Equivalent to IEC 60502
    Application: Suitable for transmission and distribution power lines of 0.6/1KV and below, used indoors, tunnels, cable trenches, or buried deep in loose soil
    Color: Customized
    Certificate: ISO9001,CE
    Sheath color: Buyer’s Request
    Number of cores: Depend on clients demand

    Supply Ability:
    100000 Meter/Meters per Day

    Relevant Parameters:

    Our certifications

    We have all the necessary certification in this field, if you need the special certification, we can make for you.

    The control cable are suitable for the wiring of electrical controlling equipment and instrument, monitoring and controlling return circuit, electrical protection and measurement in power distribution unit under the circumstance that the rated voltage is up to 450/750V AC.

    1. Long-term service temperature of the cable conductor: 70℃
    2. Rated voltage: 450/750V
    3. Cable lying temperature ≥ 0 0C
    4. Cores: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 19, 24, 27, 30, 37, 44, 48, 52, 61
    5. Minimum bending radius:
    Non armored ≥ Out diameter of cable 6 times
    Shielded layer soft cable ≥ Outer diameter of cable 6 times

    Our warehouse:

    Here is our warehouse, you can see we have lots of raw materials and semi-finished product in our warehouse, we keep enough stock to meet the needs of the production department every day.So don’t worry about the delivery time if you cooperate with us.

    Staff activity:

    Our staff’s spare time is rich and colorful, we have many matches every year,such as billiards,pingpong,poker,tug of war and so on. Also we will arrange the staff to trave every year to relax their body and mind.

    1. How is your quality guarantee?
    Our company has been audited and approved ISO9001, CCC, DNV. Assessment report will could be sent to you by e-mail.
    2. Can you accept customized logo,color,material,style?
    Yes,of course.we have embossing,printing process to make the logo and so on.All of the above can be based on your request.Our professional leather bag production experience for 30 years.Because of our focus,we are more professional,Please believe that we are your good choice.

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